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It's okay. But it needed a faster pacing. A lot of scenes (like the funeral) could easily take half the time. You also use the 'star'-transition too much which takes out pace.

The story is mediocre, I like how the characters talk. However the ending was dumbly shown. Of course if you show three seconds of Luigi being attacked no one is going to get what that means.


Superb movie!

This movie started off as a normal music video, but soon became a very funny story about a guy and a girl.
The graphics were cartoony and very well done. I laughed out loud a couple of times and the sound is very good either.
A movie well done.

Wat een rukfilmpje

Maar omdat toch een 5 voor de moeite, en voor vaderland!

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Great game!

This was in fact, a great game. It took me like an hour and a half to complete, but then again, when I play this kind of game. I like not only completing it, but also making sure that I got every clue there is, and see how every character responds to all of them so I don't miss a thing.
In the end I had it down to 2 suspects, and I couldn't figure out what I had to do with one of them (the other one being the killer) to get it to say 'innocent'. Turned out I hadn't talked about every topic, kinda frustrating, becuase the suspect didn't really say anything very important to make it go innoncent.
Graphic-wise, well, you did a good job on the characters, they're all great and allthough they're not very animated, they still feel right, in some way. The backgrounds look very cool too, but I'm not so fond of the lighting, when I looked at the making-of, the non-lighted backgrounds look much rawer and cooler to me. But they were all still pretty cool.
Sound was well good too, got pretty tired of the moaning sometimes, but overall, it was okay. I guess you can't expect you to actually have real voice acting as it would boost the flash-size way up and have a hellofalot work, but this way worked too.
Interactivity is most important in a game. And allthough there were some things that annoyed me, overall it worked very fine. The whole get-the-truth thingie was a bit stupid, as it was just moving your mouse to the right when the screen flashed. It would be better if you had to guess yourself when the person started lying, would've made it more interesting. I also got annoyed by the text pausing at full stops and such. It appeared to me as if the characters line was over and I could go to the next, but then there was another line. Having the text just go through would make much more sense to me. The mini-games were a very nice add. But overall I could say that the game could/should have more difficulty in it, a more difficult 'get the truth' minigame would've worked. Or something else that could make the game harder.
Anyways, there's a lot of things that could be better, but you'll always have that. You thoroughly entertained me those 90 minutes and I look very forward to see a Detective Grimoire 2. But make him wear a hat then, 'mkay?

Great game

This is simply just a great game. Allthough the graphics and sound were nothing special. The gameplay was exceptionally good. I don't know why because the concept is done many times before, this for some reason is very fun to play. I like that at first you think the blocks fall fast, and with every level you think it just can't get any faster, and then it does. The combo-system, ranking up more and more points as long as you don't miss any blocks is very good.
As said, the graphics are nothing special, but they were crisp and it looked just fine. I didn't really like the background music, but no points off cus it had a mute button.
I guess you could improve by adding powerups (bigger mouse when you hit spacebar, getting extra lives if you make a run of 150 etc) and a highscore table would be cool too. Maybe changing the background(color) when you up a level.
But the game is good the way it is anyway.

You have something here...

Well you do have an original concept here. Too bad your presentation just sucks. Clicking squares isn't my idea of fun.
As you are already creating a version 1.2, consider the following things which would make it better:
- Not clicking squares, animations for the squares or something to make the squares more interesting. You could do coloured ones. But for that extra psychedelic effect, make them change color on over or down. Also how about making the first square huge, then in the second level two halve square, third level one third of the big square. So they don't stay exactly the same. Allthough it would be even better if you put down the squares and go for trees or windows or even (animated) humans.
- You need backgrounds. It will look so much better with backgrounds. It'll make it much less dull looking fast. Even just a fading colour would do just the trick. It'll help the psychedelic effect too if you're gonna use coloured squares and have the background coloured too. A changing colour in the background (using a simple shape tween) would be nice too.
- At the very least a mute button. I like listening to my own music. You could also add like 3 or 4 songs so people can choose, as long not everyone likes to hear the pussycat dolls. You can find some irritating techno-noises in the Audio Portal if you need 'em.
- Presentation. Make the screen bigger and have a cool intro just to make things interesting. Also have a menu with a simple how to play page.
- Instead of just going back to a level (like checkpoints) have people have 3 lives or something. It'll make it more interesting (and less frustrting?)
Well these are some things you c(sh)ould add to version 1.2. If you need help, you can always PM me.

Billy-Bean responds:

Most of your ideas I've actually already considered and decided on. I will have a changing backgrounds, the squares will have some sort of unique effect(i just haven't decided yet), there'll be a menu and hopefully it'll look more prettier. Hopefully I can make it more 'psychedelic' for you. :P



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