Zubadiewap Finished and at the Flash Portal right now!

2007-07-19 03:49:23 by Jovatov

OK so yeah this morning I finished my new FBF-movie called Zabieduwap, you'll understand the name once you see it.
It's nothing special really, except it's my first submission in a long time, but it's a good time waster anyways.
Have fun watching it!

Coming projects you ask?

Nothing at the moment as I'm going on holidays, first a week with my family here in Holland, and in a couple of weeks I'm going to the Philipinnes for three weeks! I'm gonna do some projects to help the people whilst I'm there, a good way to spend my vacation I might say.

Yes well yes?

2007-07-18 14:01:43 by Jovatov

Yay I'm currently working on a random squigly line fbf that will probably not be blammed, but not be score too high either. It's for fun, might be boring and WILL feature some of the worst fbf you have EVER seen...

... so look out for that, coming soon to the NG portal!